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Trimble AutoPilot...Driving Precision and Profits 
When you need GPS, go with the folks who know it better than anyone.  The Trimble AgGPS AutoPilot system increases the efficiency of everything from planting to harvest.  

One Inch Accuracy. 
Pass-To-Pass, Year-Over-Year... 
No Wonder the Others are GREEN with Envy!!
SEMO MFA and MFA Inc's goal is to make RTK technology available to local farmers.  One drawback to farmer adoption is the startup cost involved in setting up a base station, which can cost upwards of $15,000 per unit.  To make this technology available, SEMO MFA has undertaken a plan to establish and install an RTK Network for the Southeast Missouri area. 



Coverage Area: 
The SEMO MFA RTK Network was built with the latest Trimble technology.  Our network consists of 5 base stations at MFA locations (Advance, Benton, Bernie, Chaffee and Essex).  These locations were perfectly set up to provide our area with the largest continuous area-wide network. 


RTK Technology is the most accurate differential GPS being offered today.  Accuracy levels of less than one inch, with year-to-year repeatability are achievable within ten miles of each base station.  This is accomplished by utilizing Trimble RTK Technology. 


Farmers use this technology for more accurate guidance and for auto-steer capabilities in tractors, sprayers and various other pieces of equipment. 


Auto-Pilot Equipment: 
GPS receiver, SiteNet 900 radio, Nav II controller and displays (3 types to choose from) will fit most tractor models from John Deere, Case, New Holland, Caterpillar and more added each day.  And, can also be added to existing auto-steer and auto-sense ready tractors. 


Installation Options: 
- Dealer Installed 
- Farmer Installed 
- Farmer-Assisted Installed 


Network Subscription Fees: 
Network fees are less than Omni-Star, with better and repeatable accuracy.  Check with SEMO MFA for Network Subscription Pricing. 


Equipment Lease & Financing Agreements: 
AgLeader and Trimble products qualify for 6 months Same-As-Cash or Convert to a 36 or 48 Month Lease. 


RTK Auto-Pilot Benefits:  


  • Improves efficiencies by at least 10% in fuel, labor, maintenance and time. 
  • Eliminates the need for planter or strip-till markers which can cost $6000-10,000. 
  • Focus on the job at hand and its operations rather than driving, resulting in extended hours of operation. 
  • If used with an AgLeader Insight, additional savings include.... SeedCommand (6-8% seed savings), DirectCommand  (5-10% chemical savings), Variety Selection (>5 bushels/acre), Yield Monitoring (10-12% VR fertilizer savings). 

SEMO MFA Agri Services has three locations to serve you.  
Advance - Benton - Chaffee


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