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Genuity RR2 Yield

R2 46X29     
Best on mixed to clay soil; STS; excellent SDS tolerance
R2 46X71     Adapts to most soil types; early season vigor; resistant to stem canker
R2 47X31     Excellent across most soil types; good plant height; best fitted to narrow rows
R2 48X00     Medium plant height for loam to mixed soil; excellent SDS tolerance; STS
R2 49X10     Best for mixed soil types – keep off loams due to lodging; excellent emergence and early season vigor;  good overall disease package
R2 51X31     Best fitted to loam to mixed soil types; stands well against root knot nematode

Roundup Ready
RT 4480N     Outstanding in lighter soil types; good field tolerance to SDS; good tolerance to stem canker and FELS
RTS 4706N   Excellent yields on highly productive soil types; good overall disease package; RR/STS adapted for any row spacing
RT 4707N     Responds well to all soil types; excellent resistance to several diseases
RTS 4824N   Adapts to most soil types; late group 4 with excellent yield potential
RTS 4955N   RR/STS fitted for loam and clay soil types; excellent double crop choice; very good field tolerance to phytophthora, SDS, and stem canker
Halo - Liberty Link    www.chooseHalo.com

Halo 4:65      For use with Liberty Link herbicide; moderate disease resistance; suited for silt loam and gumbo
Halo 4:75      For use with Liberty Link herbicide; good for silt-loam and gumbo soils; not recommended for spacing greater than 36”.
Halo 4:94      For use with Liberty Link herbicide; Good double crop bean for silt loam and gumbo soils.

Syngenta NK www.syngenta.com/country/us/en/seeds/Brands/NK/pages/NK-Soybean.aspx
Genuity RR 2 Yield

S39-U2          Top end yields with disease protection; widely adapted across all environments; outstanding SDS tolerance and very good green stem rating.
S42-W9       High yielding variety with excellent standability, average tolerance to SDS
S46-A1           Mid Group IV with very good standability; soybean cyst nematode resistance with above average SDS tolerance
S48-P4STS  Strong yields across a wide geography; Rps 1k Phytophthora Root Rot gene with above average field tolerance; high yields with STS protection
S51-H9           Medium plant height and excellent standability, above average frogeye leaf spot tolerance

Roundup Ready
S41-M5STS    RR Plus STS combined for flexibility; excellent stress tolerance and shatter resistance; well suited for Missouri; works well for doublecrop
S44-D5N         Top-yielding soybean, especially in stress conditions; excellent stress tolerance and good SDS tolerance
S44-K7NSTS  Excellent yielding STS Herbicide resistant product; strong frogeye spot tolerance; excellent choice for double crop
S46-U6            Top yields with consistency; well adapted to all row widths and tillage systems; good height for double crop; strong performance in the
                            mid-South, Delta & Southeast.
S46-T3            Excellent yields with outstanding stress tolerance; tall plant with above average standability; excellent frogeye leaf spot tolerance
S49-A5            Solid yielder and Agronomic package; excellent frogeye leaf spot and very good SDS tolerance
S49-F8            Late Group IV yield leader; tall plant with superior standability; excellent frogeye leaf spot and southern stem canker tolerance
S49-H7            Very good field tolerance to PRR and good tolerance on high pH soils; strong soybean cyst nematode Race 3 resistance; excellent
                           emergence with very good standability and stress tolerance
S52-F2N         Excellent emergence with very good stress tolerance for soil type flexibility; outstanding disease package; good SDS tolerance

Monsanto Asgrow www.asgrowanddekalb.com/Pages/Home.aspx

Genuity RR2 Yield

        Tall, aggressive, medium-bushy plant; resistance to race 3 soybean cyst nematode; multi-race Phytophthora protection from the Rps1 gene
AG4033        Very good emergence and standability; yield protection against race 3 SCN and Phytophthora; tolerance to southern stem canker
AG4433        Tall medium-bushy plant with good standability; resistance to SCN and tolerance to SDS and southern stem canker
AG4531        Exceptional yield potential; Rps1 gene for multi-race Phytophthera resistance; Good tolerance to SDS.
AG4533        Medium to tall bushy plant with very good standability; excellent phytophthora package and resistance to race 3 SCN
AG4632        Very good phytophthora field tolerance, protection against soybean cyst nematode, excellent performance in Midwest & Midsouth
AG4633        Mid Group IV soybean with high yield potential and an excellent defensive package including resistance to southern root knot nematode
AG4730        Wide adaptation and outstanding yield potential, solid agronomic package and provides STS technology to protect against herbicide carryover
AG4732        Late maturity group IV that combines outstanding yield potential and a broad disease package
AG4831        Tall aggressive plant type with good growth on clay soils; good tolerance to SDS and frogeye leaf spot
AG4832        Excellent performance across MG4 growing regions; tall medium bushy plant type with good standability
AG5233        Indeterminate product with aggressive growth and high yield potential, good tolerance to southern stem canker & SDS

Roundup Ready
AG4005         Medium tall plant with excellent emergence and standability; strong performance in drought stressed environments
AG4605         A product with a sturdy growth habit that should withstand lodging pressure in lush growth environments; good tolerance to southern stem
DK4866         High yielding mid to late group IV RR & STS bean with excellent tolerance; formerly marketed as Delta King Brand DK4866RR
AG4907         Works well in late planting & double crop situations; strong resistance to race 3 of soybean cyst nematode and very good tolerance to stem

Mycogen www.mycogen.com/Soybeans/
Roundup Ready 2 Yield

5N393R2       Very good emergence and early season vigor; resistance to soybean cyst nematode with good tolerance to SDS
5N403R2       Great choice for no-till drilling, best performance on good ground, excellent standability for all row widths
5N422R2       Attractive plant with very good branching; good tolerance to frogeye leaf spot, excellent shatter tolerance
5N423R2       STS variety with good stress tolerance; strong emergence and works well in all row widths
5N431R2       Handles a wide range of soil types; strong yield performance in all data breakouts
5N451R2       Performs across a wide range of soil types; great yield potential in a broad range of soils
5N478R2       STS variety; Tall, rugged variety that is broadly adapted; great choice for double-crop planting

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