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Knowledge is Power

You have heard the phrase "Knowledge is Power."  Let the knowledge of MFA's employees give you the power to get the most out of your precision farming efforts and make sound agronomic decisions.  MFA's state of the art Agricultural Systems Information Lab (ASIL) and our expert staff have adopted a consistent set of standards for data collection and interpretation of customer data that ensures the best possible recommendations for your fields and pastures.  No matter what your current adoption level is, MFA can help you increase profit, production and stewardship on your farm.

Mission Statement


We offer our farmer-customers and MFA retail affiliates accurate and timely, fee-based agronomic services to increase farm production and profitability while documenting their environmental stewardship.  This is accomplished by providing access to state-of-the-art agricultural technology and trained agronomy professionals to collect, manage, and interpret site-specific agricultural data.

Agricultural Systems Information Lab (ASIL) is a state-of-the-art, centralized Geographical Information System (GIS). GIS hardware and software incorporates information collected from global positioning systems, yield monitors and crop records such as tillage practice, seed variety and planting date. Yield analysis of fields with this information are processed so that correlations between yield and yield-determining factors can be identified.

Those of us who work at MFA's Precision Advantage program are passionate that the knowledge gained by collecting and evaluating field data as exemplified in our book will empower you to make better management decisions and increase your operation's profitability.

Precision Advantage provides a variety of services to ensure profit, production and stewardship on your farm.

Intensive Sampling

Intensive Soil Sampling - 2.5 acre soil inventory of nutrients and liming needs.

Soil Manure - 2.5 acre soil inventory of nutrients and liming needs based on your manure credits.

Yield Processing

Yield Monitor Calibration and Service - Test the major components of your yield monitor before harvest.

Farm Shot - Get an overall perspective of crops and pinpoint problems areas.

Yield Mapping - Yield mapping includes field level yield, moisture and soil type maps.

Multi-Year Yield Analysis - Multi-year analysis derives high, medium, and low management zones from five years of data.

Short-Term Crop Removal Program - Provides solid plant food recommendations for fields on a year-to-year lease.

Long-Term Crop Removal Program - Provides solid plant food recommentations for fields farmed on for more than four years.

        Population Rate Analysis - Match seed population to soil productivity zones within a field.

        Spatial Profit Analysis - Average bushels per acre and multiplied by your setting price and      
                                                subtracting cost per acre.

        Soil Type By Variety Analysis - Matching seed variety to soil produtivity zones in your fields.


Nutri-Track - Manage and track your fertility levels across your operation by combining GPS-based soil testing and yield monitoring.

Contact the MFA Precision Ag Dealer in your are for a complete list of our products and services.


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