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Program Specs:

NRCS Scouting - (4 to 5 trips) One is scheduled pre-season, 2-3 trips in season (usually trying to time fungicide application needs) and one post-season trip.  This program is designed to meet requirements necessary for many NRCS programs.

Intensive Scouting (8-10 Trips) - With this program, we will be your "eyes and ears" throughout the season.  This includes a Pre-Season trip, 6-8 trips in-season, as well as one trip after harvest.  In-season scouting schedule is based on growth stages (weekly to bi-weekly) and/or insect outbreaks.

Normally weekly trips are made from planting thru the beginning stages of plant reproduction.  This allows us to take care of weed control and early pest outbreaks, as well as time fungicide treatment.  After this point, we plan for bi-monthly trips, trying to split acres in half for each week.  This lets us keep a good handle on any new pest outbreaks.  If increased pest levels are seen or reported to us from Mizzou Integrated Pest Management, we step up the scouting trips on ALL acres to plan for potential treatment.  This plan is followed thru grain maturity, which allows us to observe moisture levels, as well as keep tabs on late season pest outbreaks.

Scouting reports will be mailed to you after each trip unless pest thresholds are nearing.  Should this happen, you will be immediately contacted to allow for scheduling of treatment. 

For more information, please contact: 

Cassy Landewee
     Office: (573)887-3568 
        Cell: (573)620-3253

Two options are available from MFA to meet your needs.  You can chose from NRCS Scouting or our Intensive Scouting program.  Both options include checks for insect, weed and disease pressures, as well as nutrient deficiencies.  All scouting will be performed by one of MFA's many Certified Crop Advisors (CCA).

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